Carlos Vieira Silva

Comunicação Multiplataforma

'Realização' section was added to the website!

Welcome back! My personal website now features my television work.
You can find a TV news story in the
Jornalismo section. In Realização you will see a Jorge Palma concert filmed with 8 cameras, 2 cranes, that i directed and edited, from offline footage.

Journalism stories in print are now available

Welcome, and feel free to get to know some of my work in the next few pages, updated in June 2014! I am available immediately, at a moment’s notice to work in Journalism or content creation, in every shape, style and mood :-)

Website updated with published journalism work

Please take a look at my published journalism work above! I am available for hire immediately, for event coverage in all editorial sections from serious publications to light-hearted ones.

Grand Opening

Feel free to explore around the website and take a look at my journalism portfolio work.

- Carlos Silva